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Partners Wanted

With over 160 bulls at our original location and 30 more at a second location we have reached maximum capacity and still turn customers away each breeding season.

Recognizing the opportunities we are missing has motivated us to seek partners to help us grow our bull rental business. By strategically pre-positioning bulls in key locations the opportunity for growth and profits are unlimited not to mention how convenient it will be for potential customers.

As a Rent-A-Bull partner, you will be able to purchase quality bulls at a low price (nothing ever comes out of the sales ring). Since many of our bulls are AI sired there are several bloodlines to choose from. Another advantage is being able to choose from these bloodlines to use on and improve your own herd.

Much of our success has stemmed from the bulls selling themselves. Last year we sold over 80 bulls and the majority of these sales came at the end of the breeding season. Once a rancher can see how well a bull comes off grass it is an easy sell. Another contributing factor to our success is the variety of purchase programs we offer. In the past we have offered payment plans, rent-to-own plans and multiple bull discounts.

If starting your own bull rental business interests you please Contact Us. Any inquiries are welcomed.